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gourmand /ˈɡʊəmənd, ˈɡɔːmənd/
“A person who takes great pleasure and interest in consuming good food and drink.
A glutton for food and drink.”

About Gourmand Group

Gourmand Group is about bringing a new offering, another taste of life, a horizon yet to be experienced by Jakarta’s crowd.

In less than two years, Chef Nabil Jaghdour has grown our F&B portfolio from one restaurant to over six separate ventures. With his reputation, tenacity and hunger, exponential growth was imminent.

GOURMAND group was formed in 2018 to further consolidate and expand these ventures. The group was realized by Chef Nabil, together with his wife, Deany Jaghdour, and five close friends who all share a passion for good food and a desire to bring unique experiences to Jakarta.

The Group aims to bring people together from diverse backgrounds, on a whole new epicurean journey, where food cultures intertwine with unique experiences.



Born in Morocco, Chef Nabil Jaghdour grew up in the food & wine region of Bordeaux, south of France. He attended French culinary school since the age of 15 and achieved multiple academic degrees as a Chef and Pastry Chef. Along the way, he also trained with French Master Chef, Alain Blanc.

After completing his studies, he took a 10-year journey around the world to experience new cultures and enrich his cooking techniques. It was this strong sense of curiosity that would later lead him into taking his talents across five different continents; from France, to London, Morocco, the Caribbeans, the United states and eventually, Southeast Asia.

Chef Nabil’s dishes are characterized by a subtle blend of tradition and modernity. His passion for cuisine, expert gastronomic knowledge and solid reputation in Jakarta’s culinary circles has lead him to become one of the leading chefs in Jakarta. He is the founder, talent and core of Gourmand Group. Its heart and soul.

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