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Let us help you get noticed online.

From social media strategy to PR, let us help you break through the noise and get noticed.

Why we're different.

We set ourselves apart from the competition and here’s how.

From setting up your online accounts, creating content, writing copy, pitching PR and engaging with customers–we can help you out in nearly every aspect of your business that takes place online.

We make sure you’re taken care of. Unlike freelance marketers, we have a full team that’s able to deliver on a multitude of areas. Not only are we professional, but you’ll always feel like you’re a part of the family.

We make marketing decisions based on numbers. We analyze monthly metrics (eg, engagement, likes, followers, social sentiment) to see what works best for you.

We have in-house content creation services. That means you don’t have to juggle multiple contractors for your digital presence.

We know how to create engaging visual content including photography and short form videography, and we’re always keeping up on the latest trends and iterating your content to fit the needs of the social landscape.

We’re connected with the local community. We’ve built many relationships with local influencers, PR outlets and other F&B owners (like you!).

In addition, we’re local to the Bay Area, so we have the local knowledge to make your brand stand out (AKA, we know people go to Dolo on a nice day, and that micro-climates exist!).

We root ourselves in our values and understand the complexities and nuances of food, culture, and justice. We also know that doing business with people you trust is crucial. That’s why we always lead with integrity, and will take the right steps to be a partner, not just a vendor.

At Gourmand Group, we offer everything you need in one place.

Social Media​​ Management

We'll handle all of your accounts so you don't have to.

We’ll do the planning, posting, and engagement on Instagram and Facebook. Not only is social media a great marketing tool, it acts as another avenue for resolving customer issues (which we’ll handle, too!).

Photography and Media Creation

Guests eat with their eyes first, we create #foodporn photos and videos in-house.

We offer professional photography services as well as short form video content creation. The benefit of receiving this service from our agency is that we’re able to identify what type of content works best for your audience and continue to produce media in a way that resonates with them.

Online Account Management

Your online presence extends beyond just social media.

We can also manage your Yelp and Google listing to make sure all the information is correct and up to date, as well as responding back to customer reviews.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Develop unique marketing strategies to produce the best results.

We do everything with intention. We’ll work with you to develop unique marketing strategies that align with your brand and services to produce the best results.

Web Design

We create beautifully designed websites where customers can learn about and connect with you.

Need to revamp your website? We can create a beautifully designed website to make sure customers get all the information they need, make reservations, place online orders and more!

Email Marketing​

Email can be yet another method to market your goods and services.

You deserve to have your information delivered directly to your guests, with no algorithm stopping you. We can help not only send emails, but work them into our creative marketing campaigns.

Graphic Design​​

Anything that needs to be created graphically online, we can assist with.

We offer graphic design for social media images, logo and menu design, branding decks, business card designs, and much more.

Influencer Marketing

People trust influencers. we've developed great standing relationships with many of them across the Bay.

We’ve developed great standing relationships with many of influencers across the Bay Area, and will work with them to talk about your business, host giveaways, marketing, promotions and more.


The combined efforts of PR and marketing make for the strongest impact, especially for our grand opening clients.

We offer strategy, media list building, outreach, follow-up and more.

Our Clients

Check out some of our current and past clients that we've had the pleasure of serving.

7 Mile House

Bar Sprezzatura of TableOne Hospitality




Imperial Tea Court


Korner Kitchen & Bar

La Société Bar and Café of TableOne Hospitality

Noodle Belly


Rooster & Rice

SAGA Kitchen

The Sarap Shop


Tong Sui

Uccello Lounge

United We Dream

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