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About Us

At Gourmand Group, we believe in a shared vision with expert implementation.

We're foodies turned marketers, so just like you, we LOVE what we do.


When the whole world changed in 2020, so did customer needs and habits. Founded in 2020, Gourmand Group was created in response to the changing landscape in the face of an unprecedented pandemic.

Our mission is to amplify the stories of culturally-driven restaurants because we believe YOU deserve to be The Next Big Thing

Our Core Values



We uphold the promises we make, we keep to our responsibilities, and we take ownership over our work.



Everything we do, we do with integrity. We never shy away from the truth, and we’re honest in all of our actions and conversations.



We are founded by a queer, woman of color. Thus, we are committed to diversity and social justice. Gourmand Group is an ally to the Black, Indigenous, People of Color, queer, trans, LGBTQ+, disabled, and other marginalized communities.

Owner, Founder & Photographer

Angelina Hong

Angelina identifies as a bi-ethnic (Hmong & Korean), queer, woman. She is a daughter, a sister, and a mom to two silly cats. She calls herself an empath who believes her true calling in life is to change the world in the way she knows how: by building community through food.

Like many, Angelina's path to working in F&B is not straight forward. (Though, her love for food started at a very young age!)

Angelina graduated from Stanford University in 2016 and began her journey in the industry as a food photographer and social media consultant before starting her marketing agency, Gourmand Group.

Gourmand Group was ultimately created so Angelina could serve as many people as possible while maintaining her core values. She thinks it's of utmost importance to keep the food industry accountable, to share the stories and food of thought leaders, and to commit to social justice.

In her spare time, Angelina enjoys practicing Muay Thai, longboarding through Golden Gate Park, and eating her way through new cities.

Angelina has been featured on Shoutout LA and was chosen as  Asian Hustle Network’s Top 50 Unsung Heroes in 2022.

Account Coordinator

Alannah Nguyen-Dela Cruz

Alannah Nguyen-Dela Cruz is a first-generation graduate from UC San Diego. Growing up in an Asian household, “I love you” was rarely said out loud. Instead, love was expressed by her family through sharing homemade meals together. Alannah believes that food is a love language that is shared and understood by many.

In her free time, she loves supporting small businesses, family-owned restaurants, and local coffee shops. She’s excited to continue supporting small businesses with shared values at Gourmand Group. Her favorite things about working at Gourmand Group are responding to the ever-changing marketing and social media trends, building strong relationships, and connecting with clients. 

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