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Why You Should Consider Email Marketing for Your Restaurant

If you’re looking to build and foster an authentic connection with your customers that doesn’t battle against an algorithm, feels more engaging, and includes more information, email marketing is the answer. With email marketing, you have a rare opportunity to send news and updates directly to your customer and grab their attention. You won’t need to rely on a mysterious social media algorithm – just a good subject line and relevant content. 

In a past article about effective digital marketing for restaurants, we wrote a little bit about the importance of email marketing, but we’ll now take a deeper dive. A consistent email marketing strategy can help boost attention and interest for your brand and create a better connection with customers – and that’s just one aspect of why email marketing for your restaurant is so important!

We’ll dive into a few more reasons why you should consider email marketing for your digital marketing strategy.

Email marketing you can reach your most interested, loyal and new customers

The truth is, you can’t only rely on one facet of digital marketing. The most successful restaurant brands have a presence across all digital channels and that includes email marketing. Some brands choose to allocate more budget and resources to email marketing because it can yield solid results.

With email marketing, you have a more focused and niche audience. Depending on your method of acquiring customers to your list, these are often your most interested, loyal, or new customers. To reward them for signing up, you can create special offers, discounts, and other incentives (like the first to know about new menu items) to ensure that they continue to open up your emails. This can increase traffic to your digital platforms and build a loyal audience. 

Email marketing gives more opportunities for personalization

Another reason why email marketing can be effective is that it gives restaurants an excellent opportunity to personalize and build more individual connections. While social media marketing is about casting a wide net and increasing visibility, email marketing is about nurturing the current audience you have, while continuing to build your list with your ideal customer type. 

You can tailor emails and offers to go out to specific segments, personalize the messaging by including names (which increases the chances of someone opening an email by 20%!), create birthday and other loyalty campaigns that feel more personal – and well, the list goes on! Email marketing gives restaurants a chance to connect to people better and make them feel more special through personalization. 

Email marketing gives you analytics to help you improve your outreach

Another benefit of email marketing is the analytics it offers. Once you start building your list and sending out more email campaigns, you can use the analytics to personalize and tailor the messages even further, creating more effective campaigns. 

For example, using a shorter yet compelling subject line of 8-10 words max might increase click rates. Or you can try sending out emails at certain times of the day and measure engagement and impact. 

Do you see more people coming on to the site right after you’ve sent a campaign? Or do you see a noticeable uplift in takeaways and deliveries during lunch after sending a 12 PM promotional campaign? Once you start to develop your email marketing campaigns and see the results, you can improve even further and gain even more engagement.

Like most digital marketing tools, email marketing is one part of the puzzle. It’s crucial to strike a balance in your outreach, so you don’t spam users, but you also stay visible, and that is individual to each restaurant depending on the resources available. 

Aim to have at least 1-2 campaigns in a month to start with, and depending on the results you get, you can decide what the best way is to scale.

Successful email marketing for restaurants is all about understanding user behavior and crafting campaigns strategically created and deployed.

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