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The Sarap Shop

Services Provided

  • Professional menu images
  • Social media and content creation
  • Influencer marketing and project management
  • Graphic design
  • Creative marketing campaigns
  • TikTok


The Sarap Shop, a quick service food truck in San Francisco, contacted Gourmand Group for help with their social media. They had tried numerous other freelancers and agencies, and wanted to work with an agency who was able to come up with creative marketing campaigns, make decisions based on metrics, and be aligned with their values (eg, be culturally and socially conscientious).

Unable to find a freelancer or agency with creative strategies & directed execution

We help ideate creative marketing campaigns that are driven by results


Needed assistance with creating content

We provided photo, video, and graphic design


Wanted to work with a company with aligned values

We root ourselves in our values of integrity, accountability, and commitment


  • Developed giveaway of new limited offer item: Ube Fries. GG also created the graphic.
    • Resulted in 9.8k impressions, 986 likes, 647 comments, 162 shares, 64 saves, 378 profile visits, and 7 website taps. The team also noted that all of the customers who ordered the ube fries came due to finding out about the item on Instagram.
  • Ran an awareness campaign and foot traffic driver for April 2022 special, Longanisa Dirty Dog
    • Across 6 pieces of content (varying from reels, images, and carousels) resulted in 24k views, 1.6k likes, 83 comments, 517 shares, and 77 saves.

Increase of 1,112 followers (+8.9% increase) on Instagram in 6 months.

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“Prior to working with Gourmand Group, we were looking to solve transitioning the time we were spending on marketing execution into more business stabilization projects and community development programs. We were also looking to learn more about how we could make data-driven decisions about our marketing strategy. We definitely feel like we were able to solve this with them as our partners! They are incredibly thoughtful in how they build out our strategies and always come to meetings with insights that help us make stronger business decisions. We love everything they’re doing so far.”

Kristen Brillantes, CEO of The Sarap Shop

Take a look at some of our content:

A reel we created to announce the April special, Longanisa Dirty Dog.

A TikTok we created that used a TikTok native sound and highlighted one of their limited menu items.