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Services Provided

  • Grand opening services
  • Setup of all online accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, Google)
  • Professional menu images
  • Printable menu
  • Social media and content creation
  • Yelp and Google My Business management
  • Influencer marketing and project management
  • Creative marketing campaigns
  • PR


Itria, a new restaurant in San Francisco, contacted Gourmand Group for help with their two grand openings: one in May 2021 for their takeout pizza concept and their final in August 2021 for their pasta and crudo menu.

Did not have a social media presence

We helped setup and maintain their Instagram, Facebook, Yelp and Google


No images

We provided professional photography and content creation for social media


Needed PR about the grand opening

We created a press release and sent it to our PR contacts


  • 16 PR placements (including Eater and SF Chronicle)
  • Increase of 1,331 followers (+442% increase) on Instagram in 6 months
  • 70 – 100% of weekend reservations booked out in the first month
  • 90,000 views and 108,000 searches on Google between July 2021 – September 2021
  • 8,500 Yelp page visits between July 2021 – September 2021 and Itria appeared in Yelp search results 130,000 times between January 2021 – September 2021
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Take a look at some of our content:

A reel we created for Itria showcasing one of their popular pasta dishes

We utilize professional photography for our clients in order to have #foodporn images that invite the viewer in.